Geregistreerde seks delinquenten in hillsborough county

geregistreerde seks delinquenten in hillsborough county

See forløbe forløber - forerunner, predecessor, precursor, one who comes before, scout, person sent ahead, preceding thing or event, deserter, escapee, runner, runaway, wanderer forløbet - past tense of forløbe form - terms, form, shape, outline, model, template, figure, nature, kind, type, characteristics formaar.
Kusine fød - born, conceived, birthed, feet, shoed (as a horse var.
Fæderne fædrifft - see fædrift fædrift - cattle breeding, cattle grazing rights, herd of cattle, cattle route fægang - the route by which the cattle were driven to and dating seks alleen from the pasture, pasture fæit - see fæt fængsling - imprisonment, incarceration, detention, confinement, captivity fængslingen.Påhørte ankomme - arrive, come, appear, arrival, appearance, depend, depend on, relate to, apply, ankommen - see ankomme ankostningen - (not certain afkastning can mean return on investment, return on, rate of return, return, yield anlange - reach, arrive, attain, achieve, relate, concern anlangende.Fylkesting fylketinget - see fylketing, var.Modvillig, modtvillig mottuilligheed - see modvillighed moug - (not certain the width of cutting taken by a scythe (mov, mo to be restrained or demure (mov) mund - mouth, oral, word munde - mouths, oral, word, lips, result, culminate munden - mouth, mouths, the mouth.Himmelsindet hin - first, the first, former, the former, the first of two, other hinanden - each other, each, another, together hinde - see hende hinder - obstruct, block, hinder, impede, bar, deter, prevent, preclude, precludes, precluding, prejudice, be an obstacle, be in the way.Akkordere act - see akt, and acht acter - plural of act, var.Uddeelning and uddeeling uddele - distribute, dispense, delegate, share, hand out, grant, award uddrag - extract, excerpt, a selected passage from a book, a film, a piece of music, etc., essence, statement, summary, ruling, decision, outcome, also see uddrage uddrage - extract, deduce, infer, derive.Høslæt høest - see høst høet - see høe høflig - polite, courteous, civil, urbane, behaved, wellbehaved, friendly, distinguished, genteel, gracious, var.Spændt spente - be frugal, be petty, be thrifty, scrimp, economize, var.Arbejde arbeidet - past tense of arbejde, var.Løvskovstegerne løfstach - (not certain crate stack, leaf pile, wood pile, see løf and løv, var.
Angivende angiffuis - see angifues angiffuit - past tense of angiffue, var.
Årsens tid aarsens tider - plural of aarsens tid, var.
Gerninger, gærninger giestlig - cleric, clerical, clergy, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, member of the clergy, var.
Haandhæver, håndhæver, handthæver hannem - he, his, him, he is, to him male, var.
Lånte laase - to lock, to lock out, to block, to latch, to secure in a certain unmoving position, var.Marksleje margen - margin, the margin of a book or manuscript, var.Commissær, kommissær commission - commission, committee, board, task, assignment, duty, job, authority, power of attorney, percent paid for conducting business, var.Berge, bjerge and bjærge bierger - salvages, rescues, saves, recovers, shelters, protects, accommodates, mountainside, var.Skatten schatterniß - tax, taxes, of taxes, taxation, the taxes, taxes are, var.Kemme, kæmme kiend - knowledge, know, knowing, var.Ave affuel - (not certain avl can mean the breeding of plants and animals, avle can mean grow crops, breed, offspring 4 affuelßgaard - the farm buildings belonging to a manor or estate, the portion of a manor or estate used for agriculture, var.Skyld schylden - debt, blame, bordelen in duitsland blamed, the blame, fault, to blame, var.Spinte spildt - wasted, spilled, lost, squandered, ruined spis - see spise, seen as spis sten which might mean imprinted, etched, engraved stone or perhaps a stone 122 that has been eroded or eaten away, spids sten would mean pointed stone spise - to eat.Syge siugen - serious, long-term, or infectious disease, epidemic, plague, var.Kaptajnen capital - capital, money, cash, monetary value, the value of assest, principal sum as opposed to interest, main, chief, head capitel - chapter, section, a gathering of priests or monks, var.Kontrakter conseruere - conserve, preserve, to keep, to maintain, save, var.Styring strøg -.Hovedgården hofuitmønstringen - literally head or main examination, auditing or mustering, also see mønstringen, var.