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And Daria was brought to the bordel, but a lion that was in the amphitheatre came and kept the door of the bordel.webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary,.Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.English edit, etymology edit, from, middle English bordel, from, old French bordel (brothel).Webster's 1913 Dictionary:.1978, Lawrence Durrell, Livia, Faber Faber 1992 (.Historical Examples of bordel, it sounded as naked as a cornet solo, this familiar appellation of the bordel.Bordel, a cabinLow.Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary n Bordel A brothel; a bawdyhouse; a house devoted to prostitution.Pronunciation edit Noun edit bordel m ( plural bordéis ) brothel Serbo-Croatian sexy russische vrouwen dating edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).
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Noun edit bordel ( plural bordels ) (now rare) A brothel.
century Dictionary and Cyclopedia n bordel A brothel; a bawdy-house; a house devoted to prostitution.A brothel; a bawdyhouse; a house devoted to prostitution.Noun edit bordel m ( vulgar ) brothel, whorehouse ( slang ) fuck-up (big mistake) ( vulgar ) mess (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things) seksuele gezondheid kliniek homerton Declension edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Anagrams edit, etymology edit, borrowed from, french bordel (brothel).Pronunciation edit IPA ( key /brdl bdl Noun edit bordel n ( singular definite bordellet, plural indefinite bordeller ) bordello, brothel, whorehouse Inflection edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit Etymology edit From Middle French bordel, from Old French bordel, from Medieval Latin bordellum (brothel, small.Descendants edit Further reading edit Portuguese edit Etymology edit Borrowed from French bordel (brothel).Just help you to understand the meaning.Please, keep in mind it's machine translation (MT and not a perfect translation.chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary n Bordel bordel a house for prostitution.Explore m, origin of bordel 12751325; Middle English Anglo-French, Old French, equivalent to borde wooden hut ( Germanic; akin to board ) -el Latin -ellus diminutive suffix m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.Others Are Reading, word of the Day diffidence.Double-click any word on the page to view its translation or definition).