St petersburg escort swo

st petersburg escort swo

To N33MW 20 ex NC33687.
17546 (95th BS, 17th BG, 12th AF) ditched from unknown cause near Parnamirin Field, Natal, Brazil while on lokale brouwerijen sussex ferry flight sometime in 1942.Surveyed May 2, condemned due to mechanical failure Jun 17, condemned Aug 16, condemned inventory Jul 8, condemned inventory Feb 1, returned to USA Apr 1, 1944.Pilot killed 1769 to RFC at Waco, TX Feb 17, wrecked at Alpena, MI Jun 23, to RFC at Patterson Field Sep 27, to RFC at Patterson Field Sep to RFC at Patterson Field Sep 27, to RFC Sep 2, to RFC at Patterson Field.Macr to Chinese Nationalist Air Force.13432 W/o t Zanderij Field, Suriname, condemned Sep 26, (342nd CpG, 33rd FS) crashed on Iceland Jun 30, 1943.23793 suffered takeoff accident at Jorhat, India Jun 21, /23824 Consolidated B-24D-5-CO Liberator MSN 589/ (44th BG, 67th BS, 8th AF) shot down by Fw 190A-4 flown by Hptm Erich Hohagen of JG 7/2 about 15 mi E of Dover, England Feb 15, 1943.23813 (44th BG, 68th BS, 8th AF, "Victory Ship shot down by Fw 190A-6 flown by Lt Lebrecht Altmann of JG 26/1 and crashed near Bracquetuit, France Jan 21, 1944.17602 w/o Feb 5, 1943 in landing at Avon Park Bombing Range, FL 17603 (31st BG, 313rd BS0 crashed 6 mi S of Lakeview, Ohio Jul 27, 1942.Still flying in Brooksville, FL as N52350.Preserved Ste Mere lEglise Airborne Troops Museum (Normandy).Reservation N58HA reserved Mar 1985 for usafm 4113 Lend-Lease to China 4114 (1st BG) lost Aug 14, 1944.3713 Lend-Lease to ussr 3715/3717 Lend-Lease to ussr 3718 to RAF as Mitchell II FW274 - Diverted to rcaf, no RAF service w/o Aug Lend-Lease to ussr 3720 to RAF as Mitchell II FW275.24260 (MSN 1055) disappeared Dec 6, 1942 during flight over Pacific off California with five onboard.32To Superior Oil Co as NX34217/NC32417, N34217.13924 condemned Feb 27, condemned Aug 13, to excess inventory list Nov 30, condemned Aug 13, to RAF as Kittyhawk IIA FL3No record of fate 13929 condemned salvag Jun 26, condemned Aug 13, condemned Aug 13, condemned Aug 13, to RAF as Kittyhawk IIA FL3Wrecked.Crashed Flinders Island Jan 12, 1944 and w/o.
Crashed on takeoff from Bolleville 4Sep44.
To spares Nov 29, 1944.
2389 (14th FG, 49th FS) shot down by AAA near Palagonia, Sicily, Italy Jul 10, 1943.
Crashed 30m sex in de trein londen from Barrancabermeja Apt, Colombia Dec 06, 1962.
3009 (MSN G-1) started life as L-Reconverted to L-4 and became NC46490, then N46490, then D-emug, then OY-EFM not taken up, then registered Jul 14, 2004 as OY-EEE (registered as L-3010 (MSN G-2) believed sold to Akron Airways, Akron, OH Jan 1945.
to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 3, (MSN 1585) W/o t Visalia, CA; surveyed at Mather AAF, CA Jan 24, to DPC at Augustine Field, MS Oct 14, to DPC at Augustine Field, MS Oct 14, to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 2, (MSN 1589).Loaned to French AF for training, transferred to French AF in North Africa Jul 1944.17598 w/o Jul 24, 1943 in fatal taxi accident at Dodge City AAF, KS 17601 (22nd BG) Flown to Eagle Farm Depot, Brisbane, Australia for disposal.4 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, Finschafen, New Guinea November 19, 1943; probably destroyed by a grass fire at Nadzab, New Guinea (MSN 9798) 27th Base Headquarters Air Base Squadron, Glider Combat Training Command, Bowman, KY; accident taxying at Bowman 13Apr43; force landed with engine.Pilot POW 2513 (82nd FG, 96th FS) shot down by Bf 109G-6 flown by Lt Otto Schults of JG 51/5 S of Rovigo, Italy Dec 25, 1943.

To 5th AF, 317th TCG, 40th TCS Jan 17, 1943, operated as vhccl, later vhcfd Estelle- To Depot Aug 19, 1943.